May 10, 2016



This week Chalkup launched it’s latest e-book on the modern edtech procurement process.


Now available for download, the free book targets the administrators and IT professionals who procure school technology. The resource asserts that traditional methods of school technology selection have been historically feature-focused, pairing many schools with platforms that don’t fit their culture.


“Technology isn't magic. It doesn't engage and excite students on its own. But people procure and pilot new technology as if it does,” wrote CEO Justin Chando. “I wanted to create this e-book because the edtech procurement playbook is broken - especially when it comes to learning mananagement systems. There’s a huge disconnect.”


Chalkup’s latest e-book also includes a Q&A with the company’s in-house LMS expert Eli Jameson, covering cost considerations and tips for educators as they connect with edtech vendors.


“I want to be clear: this isn’t a long, winding narrative that leads readers to select Chalkup as their tech tool of choice. That would be great, but different schools have different needs. There is no one product that is everything to everyone,” said Chando. “This book is about getting decision makers and educators on the same page so they can select technology that is ultimately going to benefit the student.”


Since its arrival in 2014, Chalkup has shunned learning management in favor of “class collaboration,” presenting a beautiful, user-friendly answer to the traditional LMS. Its seamless integration with Google Apps for Education and unique collaboration tools for teachers and students have set it apart from competitors, attracting users looking for satisfying, powerful edtech.


Chalkup will release details for a corresponding edtech procurement event later this month. The e-book is available for download here.



About Chalkup

Chalkup is a learning management system that integrates seamlessly with Google Drive. This next-generation learning platform is free for teachers and students to use, offering a solution for digital assignments, grading/rubrics, discussions, and homework submission. Chalkup also boasts an array of classroom messaging and time management tools. Launched in 2014, Chalkup is now being used in over 5,000 schools across more than 100 countries.



Jayne Miller, Director of Marketing

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