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A note from author and CEO Justin Chando


Assessment is the next big thing for me; I’m interested in having a conversation with our users and edtech family about how we can make assessment and feedback more impactful and efficient.


Let’s start with the impactful part.


We had a great conversation among ourselves at Chalkup recently about the quality of “good job.” What does it mean to tell a student that they did a good job? As nice as it is to hear - I don’t think it does much.


Feedback and assessment that is most meaningful pushes beyond these platitudes, showing a student where to go next. What specifically was good or needed improvement. It should spark new understanding or pave the way to new understanding - and this isn’t exclusive to edtech. This is true about assessment in all forms.


That being said, the opportunity offered by edtech to provide this information more regularly - and potentially in greater depth - is worth discussing more.


And then there’s the matter of making feedback more efficient.


Here, we tackle the very realistic premise of having 20+ students in a class, all of whom need/want/deserve insightful, well-rounded assessment of their work. The hours and manpower add up. (Especially when we factor in the importance of timely feedback. Oy.)


I think this is a the place where technology can really step up to the plate, making it easier to offer continuous feedback from anywhere.


Chalkup makes a product that allows instructors to offer feedback and assessment digitally. We’re interested in what works, how technology can help, and how technology can make these processes better. This resource will contain information on assessment lessons learned from our users and some ideas for how we can upgrade outdated processes. We’ll share a few strategies and show off some new digital tools for stronger rubric workflows and offering digital feedback.


Let’s get to it.