July 23, 2015



Jayne Miller | [email protected]

Today Chalkup unveiled a new and improved app to compliment their innovative learning management system.


Available for iOS, the new app brings the platform’s assignment, grading, messaging, and notification features to iPad and iPhone.


Teachers will find new options for grading via rubric - a system allowing for robust, substantive feedback with only a few taps - in the updated platforms, while students will enjoy advanced submission options, including photo submission for assignments.


"Our platform is built to keep classes connected and engaged. There’s no way we were going to do that without an amazing app," said Chalkup Co-Founder & CEO Justin Chando. “This is the tool I always wanted as a student. There just weren’t any learning management systems doing this - so we did it. I can’t wait to get this in the hands of students and teachers.”


In the collaboration bracket, the new app boasts improved notification and messaging features. This includes class-wide and 1:1 messaging functions.


Since its arrival in 2014, Chalkup has shunned learning management in favor of “class collaboration,” presenting a beautiful, user-friendly answer to the traditional LMS. Its seamless integration with Google Apps for Education and unique collaboration tools for teachers and students have set it apart from competitors, attracting users looking for satisfying, powerful edtech.


Chalkup’s new Android app is slated for release later this summer.