SAN FRANCISCO (OCT 18, 2017) – Schools continue to implement iPads and Chromebooks while slashing textbook budgets. Teachers seek new materials to leverage technology and better engage students. Chalkup is the preferred platform already in use by educators at 1 in 3 universities, 1 in 5 high schools.




Today, Chalkup is announcing that over 1 million educational resources have been built on and shared on the platform.


“Nothing makes us prouder than the work teachers are doing with students on Chalkup” stated Justin Chando, the founder and CEO of Chalkup. “Our vision is to build the world’s largest library of educational resources. We’re working hard to build the platform that helps teachers around the world (including my own mother) find innovative new content and resources to engage students digitally.”


Over a million assignments, rubrics, lesson plans, lecture recordings, and educational videos on Chalkup now reach students around the world. The San Francisco based company is quickly becoming the world’s largest library of educator-generated resources.


Since launching in 2014, Chalkup has spread to 8,500 schools in 120+ countries. Chalkup’s Lydia Fayal attributes the rapid growth to instructional content: “Chalkup is how educators learn from each other; for example, teachers at Proctor Academy in New Hampshire co-teach classes with teachers in Egypt -- the students even work on group projects and discuss lectures through Chalkup.”


Chalkup differentiates itself from traditional Learning Management System (LMS) options, preferring the description “class collaboration platform.” The company’s mission is to create a beautiful, user-friendly answer to the traditional LMS. Its seamless integration with Google’s G Suite for Education and unique co-teaching tools set it apart from competitors. Teachers are flocking to Chalkup and then driving school-wide adoption.


Teacher Feedback

“Our students love Chalkup. It keeps them digitally organized in a way they never have before and expands their ability to interact with teachers and classmates,” explained Steve Rubin, the head of technology for The San Francisco School.


“Chalkup’s powerful discussion features, and intuitive design make it the best choice for meaningful student engagement” said Adam Jones, an educator at Proctor Academy in Andover, NH.



About Chalkup

Working hand-in-hand with teachers, Chalkup develops software that turns classes into collaborative communities. The platform is used by educators from 1 in 3 universities and 1 in 5 US high schools. The privately-held company is backed by cdaVentures, Meteor MCCK, Firefly Group, NBA-star Mason Plumlee, as well as world-class entrepreneurs Wayne Chang and Jeff Seibert. For more information visit


Lydia Fayal